Discounted QuickBooks Plus Licenses Available

At the time of writing this article, over 70% of our clients use a cloud accounting package to take care of their finances.

Cloud accounting software enables clients to record their day to take bookkeeping via a direct link to the company’s bank account, this is far quicker and easier than the days of manual entry into excel spreadsheets.

Some of these packages also include a number of pre-built (and customisable) financial reports that can be produced at the click of a button.

We see this as the way forward, particularly for small to medium sized organisations which is why we decided to partner up with QuickBooks a few years ago.  Because of this partnership, we are able to access discounted licenses and offer those to our clients. This works out far cheaper than going directly to Quickbooks and means that we can take of the billing.

Is this something that is of interest to your organisation? If so then please get in touch!